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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

In Context: The Hard Nut

Photo: Julieta Cervantes

Mark Morris Dance Group’s beloved reimagining of The Nutcracker—a lavish, gender-bent love letter that playfully preserves the warm spirit of an essential holiday tradition—returns to BAM for the holidays. Context is everything, so get even closer to the production with this curated selection of related articles and videos. After you've attended the show, let us know what you thought by posting in the comments below and on social media using #TheHardNut.

Program Notes

The Hard Nut (Coming soon!)


No Sugar Plums Here: The Dark, Romantic Roots Of 'The Nutcracker' (NPR)
NPR on ETA Hoffman’s strangely magical story The Nutcracker and the Mouse King, a darker and more fascinating fairy tale than the holiday tradition suggests, and Mark Morris’ direct inspiration for The Hard Nut.

Mark Morris Dance Group
A little history lesson about choreographer Mark Morris and his renowned Mark Morris Dance Group.

Watch & Listen

Facebook Live: The Hard Nut Master Class (Facebook)
Sam Black and Nicole Sabella of Mark Morris Dance Group teach the moves to the "Waltz of the Flowers."

The Hard Nut: A Look Back (YouTube)
Go behind the scenes of The Hard Nut’s development in Brussels with this 1991 mini-doc about the making of the show.

Beyond The Hard Nut (SoundCloud)
Musician-choreographer par excellence Mark Morris discusses Tchaikovsky’s beloved music for the ballet as a major inspiration for The Hard Nut.

Now your turn...

What did you think? Tell us what's on your mind in the comments below and on social media using #TheHardNut.


  1. It was spooky and dark, except when it was hilarious. It was stark and spare, except when it was shimmering and gorgeous. It was filled with sarcasm and irony, except when it was a spun-sugar fairy tale. Mostly, it was wholly captivating and joyously unpredictable.

  2. We never got there because of major delays on the Brooklyn bound subway train. And eventually just stopped running. Wish BAM had replaced our tickets with tickets this Saturday night but they wouldn't. They said just to come and if there were tickets we could have them. Why couldn't they have given us replacement ticket. I'm not going to travel from NJ to Brooklyn again without the promise of replacement tickets

    1. Hi Susan, Sorry to hear about the subway delays and understand your concerns about making the trip again. Feel free to call us at 718.636.4100 before you head over and we’ll let you know how availability looks for past dating your tickets.

  3. Wow!! Loved it. Not always a huge dance enthusiast... but this was so much fun, entertaining and just wow. Sets, costumes, choreography, performances all superb. Not boring for a second. Always something to look at that kept me smiling and enthralled the whole time. Recommended to family and friends the next day.

  4. Although the show had some fun and funny moments,the storyline could have been more fully developed. A stronger take on the original "Nutcracker" would have made the production more stronger and top notch. Still, it was different, and enjoyable.

  5. Love love love. What Rocky Horror Picture Show does for science fiction and horror B movies, The Hard Nut does for Tchaikovsky and ballet. A wonderful interpretation of the classic The Nutcracker.

  6. WE LOVED IT! Dancing, costumes and just the right amount of "campiness" made it perfect! LOVED the blurred lines when it came to the "ballerinas" in tutus and the MAID was awesome! We though it was great!

  7. The Hard Nut Was Wonderful *****

  8. Just wonderful. Hadn't seen The Hard Nut is several years. It's lost nothing. Great scenery, great costumes, great dancing. As someone who's seen the Balanchine Nutcracker at least 30 times, this is a pleasant change of pace. Totally enjoyable. Totally fun. WE loved it!!!

  9. The show was a little out of the box, but my 10 year old daughter and I enjoyed it. Loved the Sugarplum fairies. Cuuuuttte!

  10. I am sure that BAM expects there to be those who love this production and those who hate it. Count me (and my children) among the latter. Leave aside that this is a modernized interpretation. The BAM overview notes that it is suitable for ages 4+. Really? When it includes a sexual assault at the end of the cocktail party -- female party guest with legs forced spread-eagle fighting off a drunken assailant? I had fun explaining that to my 5 year-old daughter. We left at intermission.

  11. "The Hard Nut" was not what I expected...I was totally disappointed at the fact that there was less actual "ballet." One would think that the pricey ticket would guarantee real performance.

  12. These dancers are amazingly rehearsed! The large ensembles are incredibly, precisely in unison. The most notably smoothly rehearsed The Royal Ballet now runs second to this beautiful, powerful Mark Morris Dance company.
    What a treat to finally come to see them. I am now definitely a fan. Mark Morris is a gorgeously creative choreographer. Wow.

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