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Friday, October 31, 2014

Things To Do With 1,000 Pounds of Salt

Zvi Sahar and PuppetCinema’s show Salt of the Earth uses 1,000 pounds of salt to create a mini dystopian desert for its puppet protagonist to traverse. To better wrap our heads around that improbable number, we came up with this list of other things that could be done in the case of a similar sodium surplus.

With 1,000 pounds of salt, you could:
  • make 26,580 16oz jars of Brooklyn Brine Pickled Rosemary Lemon Beets with Gin
  • de-ice approximately 40% of the Brooklyn Bridge roadway
  • provide 828 people (roughly the audience at a sold-out show at the BAM Harvey Theater) with their annual recommended sodium intake (1500mg a day), delivered via 5lbs-per-person of Martha Stewart's Hot-Smoked Cured Bacon
  • fill 615 boxes of Morton Salt
  • make 20 salt licks for livestock
  • create 3,518 gallons of sea water (roughly 1/300 the amount of water in the old McCarren Park Pool)
  • make 3,402,666 bite-sized salted chocolate caramels, a la Nunu Chocolates in Fort Greene
  • soothe every sore throat in Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Prospect Heights, and Park Slope combined (around 159,500 throats) 

See the salt for yourself through Saturday at the BAM Fisher.

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