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Monday, October 13, 2014

BAM Blog Questionnaire: Sébastien Marcovici, L.A. Dance Project's Ballet Master

We are extremely stoked that L.A. Dance Project makes its New York debut at BAM from Oct 16 to 18. Why? Because its superb dancers will perform works by BAM iconic artist William Forsythe, New York City Ballet soloist and rapidly ascendant choreographer Justin Peck, and polymath and company founder, Benjamin Millepied, who is joining the Paris Opera Ballet as artistic director.

We had the chance to query the company's ballet master, Sébastien Marcovici, a longtime NYCB principal and New Yorker.

Which artist do you admire from a field other than your own?
I have a passion for street art. Alex Senna, phlegm, Ella & Pitr, Rae, and Banksy are some of my favorites.

Any advice you've gotten and ignored?
Every time my wife [recently retired NYCB principal Janie Taylor] tells me to put on sunscreen.

What ritual or superstition do you have on performance days?
I always stayed away from superstitions and rituals. I didn’t want my performances to feel like they were dependent on something like that.

Sébastien Marcovici. Photo: Paul Kolnik
What's the biggest risk you've taken?
There are probably things I’ve done that others would consider risky, but I have never felt like I was taking a risk when I made those choices.

How do you structure your classes?
I think my classes are pretty standard as far as structure goes. I try to make it gradual, warming up at the barre, and progressing in center moving more before starting jumps.

What do you like most about L.A.?
The sun.

Marcovici will teach a master class in conjunction with the L.A. Dance Project's run—Tues Oct 14, 10am, for experienced and professional dancers, co-presented by and held at Mark Morris Dance Center.


  1. A totally wonderful evening of dance. Kudos to L.A. Dance Project on their New York debut.

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