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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Last-minute BAM-inspired Halloween Costume Ideas

by Chris Tyler

We’re throwing a FREE Halloween party this Friday and costumes are highly encouraged (there will be prizes!). Still haven’t planned yours? Take your inspiration from recent BAM programming with some of these easy-to-assemble costumes:

Robert Wilson's Cupid

Cupid in Shakespeare's Sonnets. Photo: Lesley Leslie-Spinks
For Cupid from Shakespeare's Sonnets, pair a simple white crop top with your favorite white skirt or capris. To that, add angel wings, a trusty bow, and your favorite white pumps. For an authentic Berliner Ensemble look, consider gluing down your eyebrows and applying a clown white base foundation to erase your features. Apply severe new brows with liquid black eyeliner, healthy cheeks of rosy blush, a bit of dark lipstick, and voila! (For an extra dramatic effect, don’t forget the oversized false lashes and charcoal or midnight blue eye shadow.)

Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch dancer

Tanztheater Wuppertal Dancers in Kontakthof.
Celebrate Pina Bausch’s classic battle of the sexes with your own formal wear fantasy! Break out that old prom dress and pair with your most killer heels and an updo. Don’t own a silk dress? Try your favorite thrift store—there’s almost always a black tie section in the back where you can find amazing secondhand gowns for under $15. For an extra eerie look, pair with a freaky mask reminiscent of Kontakthof's masque sequence.

A new friend outside the BAM Fisher. Photo: Rhea Daniels
For a simple ABACUS look, PartyCity is selling this super cute Panda snood. Add an office-friendly pair of Panda glasses and a black-and-white business casual ensemble, and you’re set!

Green Porno Bee

Isabella Rossellini in Green Porno.
Achieve Isabella’s bug-eyed look from Green Porno with oversized sunglasses, like these chic blue Demitria shades. Add an antenna, matching fairy wings, black leggings, and a black-and-yellow striped top for maximum impact. Can’t find a suitable shirt? Consider buying a plain yellow tee from a craft store and adding your own stripes with a chunky black fabric marker or carefully-spaced bands of electrical tape.

Ira Glass
Ira Glass and company in This American Life: One Night Only at BAM. Photo: Michael Nagle.
To achieve that classic This American Life aesthetic (so popular among Brooklyn dogs), pair a sensible pair of thick-framed glasses with your favorite suit. We love Warby Parker’s “Owen” in Revolver Black Matte to mimic Ira Glass's trademark specs, but really any heavy black frames will do. Spike up your hair and grey the sides with a bit of silver temporary hair spray, add a red corsage or pocket square, and consider carrying around a radio to really get the message across. (Crafting an NPR press badge would probably also do the trick).

Forsythe Company dancer in Sider

Dancers in Sider.
Pair your favorite patterned casual wear with a complimentary balaclava fashioned from an old tee to resemble Forsythe's dancers in Sider. Put the t-shirt on upside-down (the neck opening will be in the same place, but the rest of the shirt will be around your face), and loosely tie the excess fabric in a knot on the back of your head. Mark an opening for your face using a fabric marker, remove the shirt, and cut-out the demarcated section with scissors. Tie the mask around your head in the same fashion, and grab a collapsed moving box at Home Depot to complete the look.

Dynasty Handbag

Dynasty Handbag in Soggy Glasses. Photo: Rebecca Smeyne
This nude bodysuit is the perfect first step in dressing as the incomparable Dynasty Handbag this Halloween. Affix a matching nude handbag (what else?) from your favorite thrift store around your waist with a belt or packing tape, and carefully smear a generous amount of navy eye shadow on your lids and around your eyes. Pair with a bright lip. For your own extra-large hero, we recommend Subway.

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