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Monday, April 22, 2013

Brooklyn Brewery "Ghost Bottles" to Possess Crossing Brooklyn Ferry

by Dan D'Ippolito of Brooklyn Brewery

A sampling of the mythical Ghost Bottles,  rare beers not normally available to the public.

Are ghosts real? You bet. And at Crossing Brooklyn Ferry (April 2527) Brooklyn Brewery is coming with proof. But there’s no need to ring Dr. Venkman. These ghosts are far from frightening.

Each night of the festival at the strike of 6:30pm, for one haunted hour a member of the Brooklyn Brewery Parapsychology Unit will let loose from the cellared depths samples of a selection of Ghost Bottles, rare potables that only come out at night for the most sacred of rituals, tastings, and music/film festivals.

As apparitions, Ghost Bottles can take on many forms. None fully materialize in the commercial world; their presence is often unpredictable and their flavor mysterious. Some have been brought back from the aftermarket, others are doppelgängers or mutations of Brooklyn beers currently "living," and a few are said to dwell in the catacombs of Brewers Row, never seeing the light of a tasting room.

These rogue spirits inhabit the bodies of 750mL “Big Bottles” that frequently contain mortal beers such as Brooklyn Local 1 and Sorachi Ace, and are fermented in this vessel with a sanctifying yeast under lock of cage and cork. Within this glass is the most potent of the brewers’ designs: a paranormal stout aged in bourbon barrels; an intoxicating IPA featuring a host of hops from the UK and Pacific Northwest; a delicately smoked oatmeal stout with a touch of anisette; a mythical “wheat wine” conjured in conjunction with an ancient tome. And those are just the Ghost Bottles chosen for Crossing Brooklyn Ferry.

Hurling the blessings of the operations department to the wind, Ghost Bottles were traditionally conjured and consumed by the brewers alone under a shroud of secrecy, until one fateful day when word of this dark practice traversed the packaging hall and found its way to the office, exposing the experiment to the world.

“Scary good," one witness exclaimed after a recent encounter with a Ghost Bottle in a moonless Brooklyn bar. "Will I ever be able to look at the [beer] world the same way again?"

BAM is about to be haunted. Come get ghostly with us.

Sample some of Brooklyn Brewery’s rarest and most sought after beers from its Ghost Bottle line at  Crossing Brooklyn Ferry. Tastings will be led by members of the Brooklyn Brewery Brewing Team in the Natman Room from 6:307:30pm. 

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  1. My kingdom for a bottle of Dark Matter!


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