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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tweet of the Week: The Infinite Regression Edition

Our Tweet of the Week comes from Karen Backstein @KarenatashaB, who poses a question we think
Trisha Brown might enjoy immensely. Karen tweets about Homemade, Trisha Brown's 1966 piece in which a home-movie projector, strapped to the dancer's back, also projects a film of the dancer onstage. The solo, beautifully revived by Vicky Shick for the company's recent run, is inventive, funny, and thought-provoking. Trisha Brown is known for her innovative use of technology; she lends it an agency of its own when she says, "Technology became a collaborator in the choreography." We like to think of all the dancers who have stepped into this role (including Mikhail Baryshnikov) watching films of films, and then dancing with their cinematic doppelganger behind them as they themselves are filmed for posterity. It may not be infinite regression, but it certainly is infinitely engrossing.  

Can you think of any dance pieces that use technology in an interesting way? 

Vicky Shick dancing Trisha Brown's Homemade. Photo by Stephanie Berger.

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