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Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Stagehand Chronicles: Your Love Is On Fire

by Tamar MacKay

Ginger and Bill Horton in front of the BAM Harvey Theater

In honor of Valentine's Day, we met with couple Ginger and Bill Horton, two of BAM's resident stagehands, who are both trained pyrotechnicians. They most recently worked as pyrotechnicians for Sō Percussion's Where (we) Live at the BAM Harvey Theater.

Bill began working at BAM in 1982, and Ginger began working here in 1988 (she left a few years later, and returned to BAM in 2003). They met on Ginger's first day working here, and began dating two weeks later. They have been together for 25 years, and have been married for 22.

BAM: Can you tell me a bit about your family's history at BAM?

Ginger: Well, both of our dads were stagehands, and they worked together at BAM.

Bill: They worked at BAM together 25 years before we did!

Ginger and Bill

BAM: So you met here at BAM, is that correct?

Ginger: We met here, yes, and about a week afterwards, there was an anniversary party for our local union.

Bill: We reconnected at that party.

Ginger: It was at the Majestic, which is now the Harvey. I came with my dad, and he came with his. And a week later, we were together!

Bill: It was funny, because it used to be that I would call Ginger's dad on the phone, because that's how you used to do it to find work in the union—you would call the guy at home. So Ginger would pick up!

Ginger: We spoke on the phone before but didn't know who we were talking to!

Bill: Another exciting thing is that the 125th anniversary of our union is coming up.

BAM: Are you excited about that?

Bill: Yes! There will be a party, and it's like the anniversary of our first date, too, in a way.

BAM: What are your positions at BAM?

Bill: Well I'm the property master, and I'm also a licensed pyrotechnician, and Ginger works in props, too, and is a pyrotechnician. She's perfect for the job—she's a Virgo, so she has an attention to detail which you definitely need in her job.

BAM: And what sign are you?

Bill: An Aries. So I'm in charge! I'm the boss at work and she's the boss at home.

Ginger: I would like that in writing.

BAM: You willit will be in writing on the BAMblog! So do you have special Valentine's Day plans?

Bill: It's a 9am—11pm day, so we'll give each other cards in the morning but we'll be here for City Opera's show most of the day.

Ginger: But we'll have a nice dinner!

Bill: We will.

BAM: What is your advice for a successful long-term relationship?

Bill and Ginger: Hmm…don’t know!

Ginger: I guess it would be find your soulmate and love him forever!

Tamar MacKay is a Brooklyn-obsessed Manhattanite. She hopes you have a lovely Valentine's Day!

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