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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

From the Astrology Dept: The Planets and Planetarium

Dear BAMystic,

I recently learned about the upcoming performance of
Planetarium—the collaboration between Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dessner, and Nico Muhly—and that it’s happening in the first week of spring. How will the planets align the night it premieres?

Curious about Our Planets

Dear COP,

On the 22nd of March, two evenings after the 2013 vernal equinox, BAM will be bristling with the energy of the heavens. There can’t really be a better time for a guided tour through the movement of the planets: the night Planetarium opens, Aries (the first sign of the zodiac) will inhabit the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Uranus. An alignment like this is trés auspicious. In fact, I’m not only in awe of the way the planets align, I’m also a little nervous, as the many conjunctions and trines I see aspected in this chart suggest that whatever happens on this verdant evening has the potential to so completely blow our minds that we may never be the same again. If you’re an expectant mother, I recommend that you give birth to your child on March 22nd, between 7 and 11pm. (Just please don’t do it at BAM.)

The occurrence of an Aries Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Uranus creates a stellium in the 6th House. When a stellium occurs in a particular House it means that that House is a specific focus of energy. With all that energy concentrated in Planetarium’s 6th House—the House of work and health—we can be sure that Stevens, Dessner, Muhly, and all the musicians behind Planetarium will be working quite hard—perhaps harder than they ever have—to realize their vision of the music of the spheres. And we’re fortunate that this 6th House stellium falls under the sign of Aries, as it’s the most vital, explosive, and energy-giving sign of the zodiac.

Jupiter occurs in the 7th House—the House of partnerships—under the sign of Taurus, the steadiest and most persistent of all the signs. Jupiter, the planet of broader purpose and possibility, forms a trine with Mars in Virgo. This aspect is quite favorable: it promises an overflow of positive energy, honesty, and sincerity. All present will be working together—performers and audience alike—to participate in a dynamic interchange of energy that will transform the Opera House into something resembling a space ship on an exploratory mission through a universe of infinite pleasure.

One of my major concerns, however, is that Mercury will be post-Retrograde this evening. While the typical Mercury Retrograde dangers will not be quite as pronounced, there may still be problems with travel, official agreements, and communication. You’ll want to make sure to allow a little extra travel time to get to BAM, in case the subway is haywire. And you’ll want to purchase your tickets before February 23rd, when the Retrograde period begins. Also, make sure you and your date have fully agreed upon your plans for the evening. Nothing will sully the celebratory atmosphere that Planetarium promises than a bunch of people on OK Cupid dates gone awry.


The BAMystic

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