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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Selections from Free Ticket+ Thursdays: Wink and Swirl Me To Sleep

Leo Villareal, Stars. Photo: James Ewing

When BAM opened in 1861, its very first audience was treated to a performance of Mozart and Verdi. Once the concert had run its course, there was no turning back. They were now Brooklyn Academy of Music initiates, proudly divested of their cultural innocence and BAM virginity forever.

A few weeks ago for Free Ticket+ Thursdays, we asked you to get personal and share the story of your first BAM time. Responses were fantastic, but none more so than Lilah's:
"It was this spring, two months before I was to graduate college and move to New York. I had no job prospects, no homework to do, and $30, so I treated my then-boyfriend to a movie. He brought me to BAM. We sat on the steps out front just minutes before I let BAM Rose Cinemas go all the way, eating Not Ray's pizza and wiping the grease off our faces with our sweater sleeves, when I said, "This is where I want to live." I barely knew BAM. In fact, I barely knew Brooklyn. As luck would have it, eight months later I can see the steps from which I said those words from my bedroom window, and every night the lights on the building that took my culture virginity wink and swirl me to sleep."
Free Ticket+ Thursdays happens weekly on Facebook.

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