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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Free Ticket+ Thursdays: The Fado Edition

Photo: Amalia Hoje, by Rita Carmo
Come December 2 and 3, we're presenting Tudo Isto É Fado, two nights in the opera house dedicated to the tragically underexposed Portuguese folk music fado. Originally created by homesick Portuguese sailors in the 19th century, fado took hold in the working-class districts of Lisbon where it became a way of expressing nostalgia and yearning for better times. The Portuguese call this saudade. Think "Weltschmertz"  or "ennui," except with a much better tan. 

It's intense stuff, cathartic like the blues but much more likely than its American cousin to reduce grown men to tears (accounts are rampant). It also translates into "fate," which is something that you can take control of this week by entering Free Ticket+ Thursdays—particularly if your saudade is a little rusty or in need of some sublime musical companionship.

Enter to win a pair of tickets to Tudo Isto É Fadoplus a Friends of BAM membership—today! (Homesick Portuguese sailors welcome)

"Fado Toninho," by Deolinda, performing on Sat, Dec 3

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