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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Contest: BAM & Then It Hits You

Audrey Tautou enjoys a BAM moment.
Want to know where to find one of the best seats at BAM? In the lobby, right after a performance. In a span of seconds, you’re surrounded by an electric multitude still in the throes of a BAM moment, gesticulating, rehashing, exclaiming, and debating its way to the door. I think I’ve even seen repenting. No wonder people forget their umbrellas.

It’s a great scene, and we’ve all been there, left a performance or a movie either on a cloud or well under one, to some degree transformed. These are those moments from a show that really stick with you. Or that come back unexpectedly while you’re eating your sandwich. Know what I mean?

This November, we’re celebrating those sandwich moments with BAM & Then It Hits You on Facebook, the BAM contest of contests, in which we ask you to share your most memorable BAM experiences for a chance to win the ultimate prize package, including:
Visit Facebook and submit your story (images welcomed, too) for a chance to win. Once the finalists are selected in December, you’ll vote on the winner, thereby determining the fate of the mother lode.

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  1. There have been two times when I HAD to return and see a show a second time.

    #1 The Fairy Queen (Les Arts Florissants) was my best experience of opera and the melodies still haunt me. In fact, after the first time I saw it, I ran home and wrote a new song inspired by one of the 3/4 sections.

    #2 Stew and Heidi's Brooklyn Omnibus was so much fun, I had to see it twice. I still regularly need sitar in my life!


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