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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

FTT Recap: The Best Things That Come With Age

The unanimous favorite: cheese  
For our inaugural Free Ticket+ Thursdays contest on Facebook (a pox on your house if you haven’t entered yet), we mused that BAM is older than the Statue of Liberty, West Virginia, and basketball before asking you to tell us some of the good things that come with age. Here’s a recap of some choice answers:

Paul confessed…
“an excuse for being overly surly”

and Matt, taking a cue from Paul, admitted…
“comfort expelling gas in public”

Michael said what we were all thinking…
“[Age] is the dimension that gives an image its depth and tangible feel of space. Age can be explored, manipulated, referenced, but never replicated. It is a dimension beyond the visual, only felt but not seen and certainly not replicable.”

But Annmarie, Vincent, and Alli beat around the bush…

Francine—always the student—offered…
“Understanding good theater!”

While poor Frank, himself a student of the sexes, bemoaned…
“I don't know what comes with old age but my wife thinks Alan Rickman is aged to perfection.”

Nikol said…
"concert T-shirts"

And Lucy—contributing her own image no less—noted…
“You can wear really insane glasses all the time without looking like a tool”

And we'd be remiss not to end with Stephen, Sage from the East: 
“In a word: wabi-sabi. Beauty defined by the marks of existence and change. Basically, BAM could not be as wonderful as BAM is today without enduring its history, and it will not be the same BAM as tomorrow's.”

Free Ticket+ Thursdays happens every Thursday on Facebook.

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