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Monday, September 5, 2011

Our Mission

James Thiérrée: Adventurous BAM Artist
Photo: Mario Del Curto
At any anniversary party, a typical scenario might be this: the guests spend their time fawning over the accolades of past and present, leaving the neglected future to pout alone in the corner. Archival exhibits, commemorative books, retrospectives, tributes—all good, but it’s a wonder the future bothers showing up at all.  
The future's time always comes, though, if only as the secret to the past and presents’ success. For example, it would be impossible for BAM to pick what to celebrate from its past and present during its 150th anniversary without implying what it aims to become. A plague of locusts is no longer a plague if you’re really into bugs. That’s why, during these anniversary days, we’ve been thinking as much about our future as anything. The result is a new mission statement—short, simple, and openly disdainful of anti-alliterationists the world over:

To be the home of adventurous artists, audiences, and ideas.

Much more on this to come. 

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