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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

FTT Recap: BAM In Five Words or Less

Leslie pondered how it was that BAM could be both majestic
and also smell of wood. Gigi screens at BAMcinématek
on Sun, Oct 30 as part of its Vincente Minnelli retrospective.
Photo courtesy of Photofest
Last week for Free Ticket+ Thursdays on Facebook, we asked you to describe BAM in five words or less. Here’s a recap of some choice answers:

BAM was a body for Michael…
“nerve center of Brooklyn culture”

and for Andreas as well:
“where the art breathes”

But for Katherine, it was a diamond:
“cultural oasis, hidden behind Target”

Dante, clinging to purgatory, offered…
“film culture's last hope”

and Aristotle aka Suzanne alliterated: “cutting-edge, classy catharsis”

Silvie waxed metaphoric...
“creative community glue”

and Francine, too:
“inventive joy”

Then there was Kyona—unaware that we don’t do funerals—who said: 
“the rest from life[s] battle”

(Don’t go towards the light, Kyona…)

Nicole, a schizophrenic foodie, wrote…
“crunchy, bubbly, punchy fusion, local”

Whereas a more olfactory-oriented Natalia offered:
“majestic. and smells like wood”

Liz made the alphabet work overtime…
“BAMazing : )”

But Rebecca reveled as it blew a gasket: 

Free Ticket+ Thursdays happens every week on Facebook.

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  1. a bunch of crunchy cliches! There's nothing "Brooklyn culture" about BAM except the popcorn, and that too should go.


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