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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

A Visual Guide to the Theory and Practice of Gaga

Photo: Ascaf

By Susan Yung

Ohad Naharin, house choreographer for Batsheva Dance Company, developed Gaga, a movement language based on intense response to the body and sensations. In the eight productions presented at BAM over the years (including Venezuela from Mar 27—30, Howard Gilman Opera House), the tenets of Gaga have been present in the intelligent minds and bodies of Batsheva’s dancers. Here are a few examples.

Connect to pleasure inside moments of effort.

Mamootot (2005), Photo: Julieta Cervantes

We discover both the animal we are and the power of our imagination. 

Venezuela (2019), Photo: Ascaf

We are aware of the distance between our body parts.

Max (2009), Photo: Julieta Cervantes

We are “body builders with a soft spine.”

Sadeh21 (2014), Photo: Stephanie Berger

We are aware of people in the room and we realize that we are not in the center of it all. 

Venezuela (2019), Photo: Ascaf

Venezuela comes to BAM Mar 27—30.

Susan Yung is senior editorial manager at BAM.

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