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Friday, March 1, 2019

An Extremely Concise Guide to the Multi-Sensory Installations of Teknopolis

If a picture is worth a thousand words, an immersive, multi-sensory experience is worth quite a lot more. But that didn't stop us from asking Steven McIntosh, BAM's Director of Family Programs, and Teknopolis’ lead curator, to describe some of the exhibits at our immersive technology showcase … in 10 words or less.

It’s time … for the Teknopolis lightning round! Go Steven!

Geometric Music
Arduino & Teensy

Steven’s take: “Input sound. Slow it then spin it. Groove.”

We can dance
openFraneworks (C++)
Daily tous les jours

Steven’s take: “Norm has all the moves. Follow Norm, make dance history.”

openFrameworks (C++)
Zach Lieberman / School for Poetic Computation

Steven’s take: “Celebrate media art innovators by messing with their code.”

Weird Cuts
openFrameworks (C++)
Molmol Kuo & Zach Lieberman
Supported by Google Cultural Institute

Steven’s take: “All the joys of collaging, without the glue.”

Body Sketches 1—3
openFrameworks (C++)
Molmol Kuo & Zach Lieberman

Steven’s take: “Play with your shadow. No, but really.”

Reflection Studies
openFrameworks (C++)
Zach Lieberman

Steven’s take: “Sand table-like fun with light... and no dust.”

Manual Input Sessions
2004ACU (C++)
TMEMA (Zach Lieberman & Golan Levin)

Steven’s take: “How a Steve Reich shadow play concert might sound.”

openFrameworks (C++)
Zach Lieberman
Sound by Pardon Kimura

Steven’s take: “Make an ink drawing jump right off the page.”

Más Que la Cara
openFrameworks (C++), Paper.js
Zach Lieberman & Molmol Kuo
Additional help by Gordy Cherny, Matthias Dörfelt

Steven’s take: “Try on a virtual mask for fun. LOLs guaranteed.”

Teknopolis runs through Mar 10 at BAM Fisher.

© 2019, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Inc. All rights reserved.

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