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Monday, January 27, 2014

BAMfans Closing Night Party for Green Porno

BAMfans with The Bosco photo booth. (Photo: Elena Olivo)
Saturday night, as Isabella Rossellini was detailing the myriad ways the animal kingdom “makes love” in her one-woman show Green Porno, the Special Events team was busy preparing the after-party for the show’s closing night. In addition to celebrating the show’s successful run, the party celebrated BAM members in their 20s and 30s at the annual BAMfans party!

More on the night after the jump. And be sure to check out all of The Bosco photos!

After Rossellini took her final bow, the crowd headed to the Hillman Studio on the fourth floor of the BAM Fisher. Like the show itself, there was a lot to wrap your head around—insect-filled lollipops, bug-shaped hors d'oeuvres garnished with edible crickets, a photo booth that projected gifs of the party-goers on a screen above the bar, an eight-foot praying mantis made of plants, and an appropriately-hued (green) custom cocktail by Brooklyn Gin. Additionally, there was a DJ, an open bar, and an animal-themed prop station (for those inspired do a little dressing up).

BAM would like to thank the teams at Fleurs BellaBrooklyn Gin, Great Performances, and The Bosco for their support, and for making the night colorful and memorable.

DJ Bouji soundtracked the night. (Photo: Elena Olivo)
BAMfans enjoy a custom cocktail provided by Brooklyn Gin fittingly called "Kinky and Confounding."
(Photo: Elena Olivo)
Edible crickets added an extra crunchy (and leggy) garnish for the spread. (Photo: Elena Olivo)
Something bugging you? Have an insect-filled lollipop! (Photo: Elena Olivo)

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