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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fresh Hamm: BAM’s Dirty Little Red Secret (The Socialists Are Running Amuck!)

by Louie Fleck

A curious artifact appeared on eBay, and BAM Hamm Archives was lucky enough to win the auction. It is a letter on Brooklyn Forum/Academy of Music stationery to the Honorable Bainbridge Colby requesting his participation in a symposium.

Colby was a special assistant to the United States Attorney General in an anti-trust action in 1917, and represented the US at the Inter-Allied Conference at Paris the same year. Wilson appointed him Secretary of State from March 23, 1920 and Colby served until March 4, 1921. He supported the ddddddddddd dddddddd and the League of Nations and established a precedent for NOT recognizing newly Communist Russia, which remained in place until 1933.

Mr. Kreitzer, who made the request to Colby, was a member of the Kings County Socialist Party and director of the Brooklyn Forum. dd dddd ddddd d ddddddd ddddd d dd According to the letterhead, the Forum (“Auspices [of] Kings County Socialist Party”) was located at 30 Lafayette Avenue—the same address as BAM! Kreitzer is requesting Mr. Colby’s presence as a speaker for a program called “DOES AMERICA NEED A POLITICAL REALIGNMENT?” The other invited speakers were Dudley Field Malone (3rd Asst. Secretary of State under Wilson and an advocate of women's suffrage), John Dewey (the great American philosopher and author of the influential Art as Experience), dddd dddddddddd and Charley Solomon (former Socialist member of the State Legislature). Perhaps it was this formidable array of leftist luminaries that prompted Mr. Colby to decline the invitation and cower in his anti-communist hidey-hole.

It must have been a pretty good time for Socialists in Brooklyn, as these comrades were doing their work about 10 years after the first Red Scare and 15 years before McCarthyism.

Where are all the BAM socialists now? dd ddddddddd ddddddd ddd dddddddd

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  1. Norman Thomas and Charles Solomon were members of the Socialist Party and opposed the Communists. Don't sully their names. To learn more about their successors the Democratic Socialists of America go to:


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