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Thursday, January 10, 2013

What are we looking at?

Here are some internet stops we're making around the offices at BAM.

Susan has advised that when we're looking for sartorial inspiration, wondering what to have for lunch, or just want to match our outfits to our meals, we should be stopping by Coffee & the Newspaper.

Christoph Niemann’s illustrated remembrance of Maurice Sendak led Claire to revisit Terry Gross’s beautiful, heartbreaking interview with Sendak from 2011 about his work, growing old, children, life ... (Claire has also been procastinating a bit lately.)

Jessica is into this interview with Fanny Howe, this thing on McSweeneys, and this David Denby rant.

Cynthia found this National Geographic article about “restless” genes fascinating. Why are some people more curious,  more likely to take risks and explore new places than others?  Appropriately, she's also obsessed with Ai Weiwei’s instagram feed—restlessness is definitely part of his DNA. 

I myself am trying to catch up with this year’s installment of Year in Reading from The Millions website. It’s good because it asks contributors what they read this year, not what the best books of this year were. And I'm still watching this DOOM video from a few months ago pretty regularly, too:

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