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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

From the Astrology Dept: Finding Love in Beckett and BAM

Illustration by Nathan Gelgud

Welcome to the first installment of “From the Astrology Dept,” a new advice column written by the BAMystic, the only known employee in the Department of Astrology at BAM. In “From the Astrology Dept” the BAMystic uses the divinatory tools of his trade—including Tarot, numerology, astrological chart readings, bibliomancy—whatever suits his whim—to address readers’ questions about romance, career, the artistic pulse of our abstruse and bewildering borough, and future events that may occur within the Academy’s walls. Have a question about where you should sit to attract the best fortune next time you see a movie at BAMcinématek? The BAMystic’s got you covered. Are you curious about how the stars will align during an upcoming BAM performance? The BAMystic will tell you. Please email the BAMystic at jbradshaw[at]bam[dot]org, or leave your question in the comments. Enjoy.

Dear BAMystic,

I really love Beckett, and I’m lonely. I am hoping to meet the true love of my life at BAM’s upcoming performance of
All That Fall. I know it probably seems weird, but I’m just really stuck on the idea that he’ll be standing there, waiting to go in, holding a copy of  Malone Dies, and we’ll lock eyes and just know that we’ve found each other… and I’m hoping he’ll be rich too… But anyway, do you think this will happen?

Beckettian Undone and Dire

Dear BUD,

Beckett’s a favorite in the Astrology Department’s office, and I’m rooting for you that you’ll find your Beckettian dreamboat. In fact, I think the Universe is rooting for you too. The Numerological Destiny Number for All That Fall is 6. Sixes possess a magnetic energy, and as they radiate harmony and allure they tend to attract beautiful things to them. Which is to say: you should expect to see many potential Beckettian beaus at All That Fall. You may even have trouble just picking one! 

After further contemplating your question, BUD, I decided to do a simple one-card Tarot reading, and I got another good omen: I pulled the Magician.

The first card of the Major Arcana, the Magician stands before us just at the moment he is casting a spell. The pose he strikes is one of embodied power. With one hand, he points with his wand to the sky, and with his other he points a finger toward the ground. He balances the sky and the earth, and is in control of the four elements, represented by the cup, sword, wand and pentacle—the four suits of the Tarot—which are before him on the table. The Magician is the trump to trump all cards. Through his determination and concentration, he has the power to transform consciousness.

You too, BUD, possess this power. You may not know it now, but you already have the tools you need to find your true love. You might find him among the crowd of beauties at All That Fall, or you might find him at Where (we) Live down the street in the Harvey. Who knows, he might even be watching Lincoln in the BAM Rose Cinemas, just sitting there alone with a large popcorn, waiting for you. So when you next show up to BAM in your homemade I HEART BECKETT t-shirt, you should stay alert—you may just spot the Gogo to your Didi poking around the lobby. When you do, you should be poised and ready to cast the spell of your absurd charm.


The BAMystic

Please send your questions to the BAMystic at jbradshaw[at]bam[dot]org, or post it in the comments.  


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