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Monday, December 10, 2012

Faust: Ideas For a Daring Date

Vesturport Theatre's Faust: A Love Story. Photo: Eddi

BAM dares you to partake in a curated day centered on Vesturport Theatre’s production of Faust: A Love Story. In the spirit of this thrilling, aerialist production in which our protagonist makes a pact with the devil, we selected a few bold ideas that will take you to new heights—literally and figuratively.

    • You’ll start at STREB S.L.A.M. (the STREB Lab for Action Mechanics) in Williamsburg, where you can take group or private classes in PopAction, tumbling, trapeze, tightrope, and a variety of other daredevil techniques.
    • Next, dash over to nearby Gwynnett St. for adventurous modern American cuisine, with a menu that includes whiskey bread, main courses that fuse interesting and rare ingredients, as well as damningly delicious drinks and desserts.
    • Your adventure continues as you attempt to make it to BAM via the infamously unreliable G (for "gamble") train.
    • Assuming you make it to BAM (via the G or a desperately hailed cab), you’ll catch Faust: A Love Story, the Vesturport Theatre’s visceral, high-flying reimagining of Goethe’s classic story, featuring horror-film imagery and Nick Cave’s dark, moody score.
    • We hope we don’t have to bargain with you to try Cocoa Bar’s chocolatini after the show—it’s sinfully delicious and a soothing nightcap to a day of daredevilry.
    Can you think of other adventurous activities and restaurants? Please comment below!

    STREB S.L.A.M. is located at 51 North 1st Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211
    (718) 384-6491,

    Gwynnett St. is located at 312 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211
    (347) 889-7004,

    Faust: A Love Story, plays at the BAM Harvey Theater, located at 651 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11217,

    Cocoa Bar is located at 228 7th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215
    (718) 499-4080,

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