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Monday, July 23, 2012


We are really excited to have introduced the 5th version of Many thanks go out to the creative team at R/GA who partnered with us to create a site we are truly proud of. We are really excited about all the new features and we are sure that the experience of our site is going to make things a lot easier for you.  Here are some of the things we're really excited about.

1. The new genre organization. The variety of our programming is something we are really proud of, but making things easy to find definitely became a challenge. Now you can navigate our site by genre by using the left navigation or if you prefer, you can stick to programs by using the top navigation.

2. Today's films. We know a lot of you want to know what is happening today at BAM and with our constantly changing film schedule we have made it nice and easy and one click (or scroll) away in our Film section.

3. Social sharing and commenting. Like it, love it, meh? We want to hear about it and now you can tell us in whichever way you like best. Facebook "like" any event and share a comment with your friends on your wall. Tweet it and concisely get the word out about your favorite shows/movies/talks/etc. G+ it and share your opinion with your chosen circles. Or best yet, join the conversation with our new Facebook commenting module towards the bottom of every event page.

4. Big beautiful images. When we first started conceptualizing the new design with our friends at R/GA, it was obvious that the images for our productions spoke volumes for what was going on on our stages, so we featured it in a big way such as the great big homepage feature.

5. Lots of video sprinkled throughout the site. Like this video preview of Political Mother or all the featured videos related to Einstein on the Beach.

6. Tablet compatibility. By eliminating flash features and using a modular system, version 5 is as enjoyable to browse on a tablet as it is on your desktop.

7. Bringing our blog to the forefront. Now found in our top navigation, you can easily click through to all the rich history and enhancing content on the BAM blog.

8. E-mail makeover. To match our new site our e-mail got a makeover too! If you're not yet receiving BAM emails, you should definitely sign up now!

So what's next? Well, our next big projects for the website will focus on our customers and improving our purchase path and preference center. One of the best things about our jobs in digital media is the never ending possibilities. Keep tuned because more great things are coming!

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