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Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Birthday, Pina!

Photo: Pina Bausch by Peggy Jarrell Kaplan, courtesy Ronald Feldman Fine Arts

Pina Bausch was born on July 27, 1940, and passed away in 2009. 
We miss her more than can be expressed.

Here are some suggestions for birthday gifts that we imagine she might have liked.

She had a thing for flowers in her productions, so we might tap for a 
surprise delivery to the rehearsal studio. 

McQueen's Vermeer Skull scarf

Frail as a wraith, Pina always looked like she was cold. Here's a nifty Alexander McQueen Vermeer Skull wool challis scarf that is gloriously dark and warm all at once.

There's no question she died far too young. However, she did have a sense of humor, so she probably might have appreciated this Yoshitomo Nara ashtray to accommodate her smoking habit.

Pina usually wore her hair in a simple, tasteful ponytail. She might've
liked this futuro-stone age hairband.

Her dancers frequently use their long hair in dramatic ways—tossing it back and forth, or brushing it obsessively. We honor that proclivity with this vintage silver brush

This glam phone honors one of Pina's stylistic icons. It's useful, too.

As busy as Pina was, surely she had some down time. Since she specialized in travelogues of sorts,
it might've been spent playing this board game, Locale, requiring that you make up
stories about exotic places around the globe.

The music for her productions has always ranged far and wide; no doubt
Susana Baca's latest would've tickled her fancy.

And to celebrate, the whole gang would gather at the Wuppertaler Brauhaus 
to lift a liter in honor of the one and only Pina.

Prost, Pina!


  1. This list is tacky, tacky, tacky. Not a fitting tribute to Pina Bausch, at all.

  2. pina, it's your birthday! and I think it's a very thoughtful list of items that reflect her aesthetic.


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