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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Executive Files: LL Cool J Orders Chinese Food

BAM President Karen Brooks Hopkins has been at BAM since 1979, first working with Harvey Lichtenstein in the development department. The blog will feature anecdotes from her storied BAM tenure, as well as from Executive Producer Joseph V. Melillo.
Historical reenactment of LL and Karen in 1988.
With the Grammys tonight and LL Cool J serving as host, I reflect back on a Next Wave Gala in 1988 when LL attended as our guest.

It was one of those evenings that featured a fairly lengthy performance followed by dinner. LL was unhappy with the menu (wild mushroom flan and salmon with sorrel sauce) and decided to order Chinese food, which was delivered to the gala. It was pretty hilarious to see the delivery man show up, be directed to LL’s table, and then to watch LL and other guests ditch the gala food in favor of pork fried rice and chicken wings!

Karen Brooks Hopkins, President of BAM


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  2. Having been present for said event, Karen forgets that he also had an assistant bring in McDonald's too! Ah, BAM!

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