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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Free Ticket+ Thursdays Recap: Going Gaga

Familiar with choreographer Ohad Naharin? You might say that we're gaga for him at the moment (think a less-grizzled Hugh Laurie)—or at least for his Gaga movement method, which is what informs the engrossing choreography of his soon-to-be-at-BAM Batsheva Dance Company. The blog faithful will recall this description we gave earlier in the week of a typical Gaga class instruction:
Imagine two snakes inside your body—one running along your spine and the other across the width of your arms. Lift your flesh away from your bones. Float, but feel the ground below your feet.
So we're gaga for Gaga. But for Free Ticket+ Thursdays on February 9th, we were curious to find out what you were going gaga for at the moment. Here are some of your choice answers.

Nina Simone videos on YouTube
(Our favorite: "I Wish I Knew How It Feels to Be Free," from Montreux in 1976)

The Paleo Diet  
(i.e. the Agrarian Revolution never happened)

Cranberry sauce on ice cream
(Jiggly meets melty—brilliant!)

Leopard print everything 
(Except for leopards. Because otherwise, how would you find the leopards?)

Photos by urban explorer Steve Duncan
(What subterranean majesty might be beneath BAM?)

The letters between Georgia O’Keefe and Alfred Stieglitz
("I'm getting to like you so tremendously that it some times scares me"—O'Keefe to Stieglitz)

Recurring dreams about Sleep No More 
(Ironic, no?)

Bill Cosby
(Before the Jello pudding pop impersonations of impersonations, there was "The Dentist")

Running after 1.5 years of injuries
(Exit, pursued by bear.)

Reusable chopsticks
(Fewer splinters!)

Girl Walking with Anne Marsen
(Girl Talk meets rogue choreography)

The Civil Wars
(Johnny Depp is in an alt-country band?)

Go Burger’s sweet potato fries
(Speaking of food trucks, check out Cesar's Empanada truck outside Atlantic Terminal)

Walter Benjamin’s conversations with Bertolt Brecht
("It is only for the sake of those without hope that hope is given to us." —Walter Benjamin)

The return of New York City Opera
(We're biased, but...indeed.) 

Colin Stetson, Saxophonist
(Anyone remember a screaming sax solo during The Long Count at BAM? That was Stetson.)

Dance Academy, a teen drama about would-be ballerinas from Australia 
(They only have one shot to make it to the top.)

Good slow cooker recipies
(How about Paula Dean's ham hock pinto beans?)

Charlotte Gainsbourg
(Heaven can wait.)

Pussy Riot Russian feminists
(Rage against the Putin machine!)

Don't forget to enter this week's Free Ticket+ Thursdays! The prize: tickets to 'Tis Pity She's a Whore + Friends of BAM membership

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