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Thursday, February 7, 2019

In Context: Non Solus

“We return here thousandfold to understand the simplest teaching: we are one and the only creation of our progress is love,” writes Bence Vági, writer, director, choreographer, and founder of Hungary’s Recirquel Company. The company makes its BAM debut this season with Non Solus, a duet that exemplifies the young troupe’s unique blend of circus and dance—and Vági’s mission to revive the tradition of the great circuses of Europe while infusing it with a new movement vocabulary. After you've attended the show, let us know what you thought by posting in the comments below, and on social media using #NonSolus.

Program Notes

Non Solus (PDF)


“Cirque danse”: Bence Vági on his company Recirquel (Bachtrack)
Bence Vági discusses his vision for Recirquel Company, how he developed “cirque danse” as a trained dancer and circus enthusiast, and how music is composed and featured in his productions.

The Poetry That Became Non Solus (BAM Blog)
Read the words that inspired Non Solus.

How a Budapest circus brings Paris nightlife to Edinburgh (The Stage)
Learn more about how Vági’s travels, cultural heritage and theater education led to his unique choreography and production style.

Recirquel’s My Land is circus as you've never seen it before (The List)
In this review of Vági’s My Land, the 2018 production was described as “both a butch ballet and a circus in slow motion.”

Watch & Listen

A Closer Look: Bence Vági on Non Solus (BAM YouTube)
In an exclusive video, Bence Vági dissects a two-minute clip from Non Solus and divulges how the music, choreography, dancers, props and staging express the core messages of the production.

FINA Closing Ceremony - Making of (Vimeo)
Bence Vági wrote and directed the 17th FINA World Championships Closing Ceremony, which included more than 200 acrobats and dancers from 18 countries in a production titled “The Legend of The Golden Stag.” In this 20-minute video, Vági delves into the cultural and artistic influences that guided his work and creative process.

Now your turn...

What did you think? Tell us what's on your mind in the comments below and on social media using #NonSolus.

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  1. Extraordinarily beautiful production and performers. Pass the poppers, please.

  2. Incredibly moving... the music (great blend of classical/requiem music and very mood-congruent modern ) was superb. The sets were ethereal and versatile. And the artists combined dance, with acrobatics/aerials in a way that was breathtaking and poignant. I'd give them my highest recommendation.

  3. Exquisite production, a marvelous blend of acrobatics and dance, exceptional performers, a great mix of music from classical to electronic, visually stunning ...a must see!

  4. absolutely and breathtakingly beautiful.

  5. There are some issues that remain to be unclear but I bet all things will be placed in their places!


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