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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Reflecting on Guns, part of A Gun Show

As part of Sō Percussion’s A Gun Show (Nov 30—Dec 3), a percussive exploration of our nation’s obsession with guns, BAM is partnering with StoryCorps to create a platform for you to share your experiences with guns. 
Please follow these simple instructions to share your story:

1. Create an account on from your desktop computer.

2. Join the BAM community Reflecting on Guns, part of A Gun Show at BAM. You can only do this from your desktop computer.

3. Download the app to your phone.

4. Prepare for your recording! You can record either a solo reflection or an interview. In either case, make sure to do a short introduction with your name(s), location, and some context.

5. Use the following prompts to guide your conversation:
  • Describe your first memory of guns.
  • Have you ever held a gun? If not, have you ever wanted to?
  • How does gun use impact your day-to-day life in the United States?
NOTE: while you can record up to 45 minutes, recordings can also be as short as a minute.

6. When prompted to finalize and submit your recording, please use these keywords:
  • ORGANIZATIONS: BAM, Brooklyn Academy of Music
  • GENERAL: A Gun Show, Guns
NOTE: you must add each keyword separately. This makes it easier for other people to find and listen to your story.

7. You will also be asked to share with a community. Please select “Reflecting on Guns, part of A Gun Show at BAM”.

8. You may also share your story on social media using #AGunShow.

We invite you to continue the conversation in person with the creative team of A Gun Show and other members of the audience following the performance in the Harvey Theater on Thu, Dec 1. That evening, StoryCorps Listening Booths will be installed in the Harvey lobby, giving everyone the opportunity to listen to each other’s stories. 


  1. Guns have been part of my families life since the Civil War. My cousin was hunting with a loaded shotgun and tripped on a tree root and died of his injuries. An uncle was on hunting trip and his gun discharged in his car blowing a hole in the roof and everyone in the car had some hearing loss. Another uncle with dementia took to answering his door at night with a loaded gun at the ready.

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