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Friday, January 8, 2016

BAM Illustrated: Thomas Merton

Charles Mee and Les Waters' The Glory of the World (Jan 16—Feb 6 at the BAM Harvey Theater) celebrates the legacy and centennial birthday of Thomas Merton. In anticipation of the production, illustrator Nathan Gelgud breaks down ten things you should know about this renowned mystic and Catholic monk.

The Glory of the World runs Jan 16—Feb 6 at the BAM Harvey Theater. Tickets still available.

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  1. A lot of problems with that #8. Merton was accepted into the Trappist order on December 13, 1941, and he died on December 10, 1968. So the events were not separated by 27 years to the day. Furthermore, he was not yet 27 years old. He was still 26. Worst of all, he had not taken a shower. He was found in his room, lying on his back with a large Hitachi floor fan lying diagonally across his pelvis. No one noticed any water present. There was a wound in the back of his head that authorized biographer Michael Mott says had "bled substantially." No autopsy was conducted. The shower story was created by Merton's secretary, Brother Patrick Hart, in 1973.


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