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Monday, March 2, 2015

Eat (Sandwiches), Drink & Be Literary: Tiphanie Yanique

Tiphanie Yanique. Illustration by Nathan Gelgud.
Eat, Drink & Be Literary, presented in partnership with the National Book Foundation, is back this week with Caribbean writer Tiphanie Yanique. With a new season comes a new batch of food, beverage, and book-related questions for our featured authors. (Read responses from last year's writers here.)

When you write, do you write by hand or on the computer (…or typewriter)?
By hand, by computer... but lately I've been sort of writing a lot in my mind. Just composing things in my head on the go... and hoping I remember them later! But also being okay with forgetting.

What is your favorite Brooklyn-based novel?
Brown Girl, Brownstones by Paule Marshall.

When you read, are you an e-book or a paper book person?
Total paper. I am as analog as can be.

Pilar's grilled cheese. Photo from Serious Eats.
What is your favorite sandwich?
Grilled cheese with sweet plantains. They make it as the Cuban place called Pilar in my hood.  So good.

What is your favorite Brooklyn restaurant?

What is your go-to beverage?
Water, sparkling if it's available.

What is the last live performance that really moved you?
Saul Williams at BAM. My husband and I still talk about it. It was transporting and transformative.

Tiphanie Yanique will read from her most recent novel Land of Love and Drowning, and talk with moderator Lorin Stein at Eat, Drink & Be Literary on Tuesday, March 3.

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