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Friday, February 13, 2015

Be my adventurous artist, audience, and idea

We’d like to think that we’re no softies here at the BAM blog and that we’re immune to Valentine’s Day sentiment. But this year, we're feeling the love. To express our amour, we looked to some of our most iconic artists for some very BAM ways to play cupid.

Send the images below to your paramours via Twitter or Facebook. Or click for larger versions to print or save to your desktop. Happy Valentine's Day!

Angels in America (2014 Next Wave Festival)

Shakespeare's Sonnets (2014 Next Wave Festival)

Einstein on the Beach (2012 Next Wave Festival)

Set and Reset (2013 Winter/Spring Season)

The Suit (2013 Winter/Spring Season)

 Atys (BAM 150th anniversary celebration, 2011)

...como el musguito en la piedra, ay sí, sí, sí... (2012 Next Wave Festival)

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