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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

BAM Illustrated: Freak Architects of Los Angeles

Each song in Gabriel Kahane's The Ambassador (December 10—13 at BAM Harvey Theater) was inspired by a different location in Los Angeles. More than a few of these buildings were designed by or feature contributions from the architects Rudolph Schindler and Richard Neutra (specifically the Schindler Chace House, Black Garden, Lovell Beach House, and Villains—reference The Ambassador Atlas for more details on the sites). The two architects were big personalities, unique characters, and close friends who eventually clashed. 

Recent Los Angeles transplant and former Brooklyn resident and BAM employee Nathan Gelgud was particularly interested in this strain of Los Angeles history, and looked into it to bring you a brief, illustrated version of the story of Schindler and Neutra, the "Twin Freaks of L.A." 

Further, recommended reading: Mitch Glazer's 1999 Vanity Fair article.

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