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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Eat (Sandwiches), Drink & Be Literary: Meg Wolitzer

Illustration by Nathan Gelgud
Our sandwich series continues with author Meg Wolitzer, who joins us tonight for Eat, Drink & Be Literary.

Wolitzer penned The Interestings, one of the must-reads of 2013 that was on The New York Times best-seller list, Amazon's top pick for March, and garnered comparisons to other top novels, including the ├╝ber-lauded Freedom, by Jonathan Franzen.

She outlined some of the methods she uses to find inspiration while writing a novel, including watching the movie Up, doodling, and listening to folk music.

Her go-to sandwich:
I love the house roasted turkey sandwich on a sweet semolina roll at Parm, on Mulberry Street. (And I like saying all those words...)
Parm's beautiful 'wich, available on a roll, hero, or as a platter (no bread, with sunday salad or ziti). Photo by Robyn Lee.
We spot a trend among our literary friends' sandwich preferences... keep it simple. (Does the simplicity of menu choice free up brain space for creativity? Just a thought.)

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