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Friday, October 25, 2013

Questlove: GIF the drummer some!

Electronium: The Future Was Then opens tonight, the latest project for musician, entrepreneur, and author Questlove. We know he's got more things going on now than we can keep track of, but we had illustrator Nathan Gelgud take a look at his memoir Mo' Meta Blues to see how he got started.

When he was a boy, Quest's parents put some musical instruments under the Christmas tree. He picked a favorite immediately.

The band that we've come to know and love (and watch nightly), tried out a few names before it settled on The Roots.

They were Radio Activity...

They were also Black to the Future (our favorite)...

Copping to their nerdiness for a bit, they were The Square Roots.

Then they got hip and dropped the square.

Quest met bandmate Black Thought in high school, where their musical rivals were another Philly group who'd soon gain some fame.

Young Quest loved Prince’s parentally forbidden 1999 so much that every time his parents found the contraband and destroyed it, he’d just go back out and buy it again.

Nathan Gelgud is an illustrator who lives in Brooklyn.

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