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Friday, October 12, 2012

October Staff Pick: Political Mother

This Month's Pick: Political Mother 

Picked By: Rebecca Dragonetti, Education & Humanities Assistant

1. Why Political Mother?
I love the music they use for the promotional video. It seems like Political Mother will be a loud, abrasive show. I can’t tell if it’s going to be completely terrifying or completely enthralling. It will probably be a little of both. This is one of those Next Wave Festival shows that you see to learn something about the world. After a show like this one, I find myself reminded that the world is a hugely complicated place. On the bright side, there might be a mention of human resilience?

2. What makes it unique?
I love the way the dancers move in tight groups around the stage, completely in unison. The movements are so perfectly in sync, they look like a school of fish (in a good way).

3. You might like this if you liked…

I don’t believe in outer space, Kronos Quartet

4. Guilty-pleasure reason for seeing the show:
My natural dance style is similar to that used in Political Mother, squatting, floppy wrist movements, and general reckless abandon of the limbs, a genre I like to call anger dancing.

5. Final words:
Maybe I’ll leave with some new moves.

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