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Monday, October 15, 2018

In Context: Measure for Measure

London’s Cheek by Jowl and Moscow’s Pushkin Theatre propels Shakespeare’s “problem play” into a timely juggernaut of political critique. Context is everything so get even closer to the production with this curated selection of related articles and videos. After you’ve attended the show, let us know your thoughts by posting in the comments below and on social media using #BAMNextWaveFestival.

Program Notes

Coming soon! (PDF)


Speech, Silence, and Sexual Violence in Measure for Measure (Eidolon)
Measure for Measure seems remarkably prescient in light of #MeToo.

BAM: The Next Wave Festival (
Explore the rich history of BAM’s iconic festival in this new publication.

Watch & Listen

Explore the rich history of Cheek by Jowl (Site)
The site includes synopsis, cast, and reviews of Measure for Measure.

Declan Donnellan discusses Angelo in Measure for Measure (YouTube)
Learn more about the character of Angelo.

Declan Donnellan discusses Isabella in Measure for Measure (YouTube)
Learn more about the character of Isabella.

Declan Donnellan discusses Forgiveness in Measure for Measure (YouTube)
Learn more about the themes in the play.

Now your turn...

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  1. A wonderful production, truly enthralling. BUT the couple sitting next to us in Row L 112,113 on Feb 18 repeatedly used their cell phone to listen to messages and became almost hostile when asked to desist. PLEASE could ushers, when observing the light from a phone, intervene? A small disruption is worth it so those round the offender can enjoy the rest of performance. But to repeat, this was a great Measure for Measure. Thank you for bringing it to BAM.

  2. Indeed a timely morality play which felt as contemporary as yesterday’s news where sexual assault and political corruption intersect in a whirlwind of media coverage and rank punditry.
    Excellent production with powerful delivery, only the location of the subtitle screen made it difficult to follow the action on the stage.

  3. We have seen many fine productions in several foreign languages at BAM. Unfortunately, this production was ruined by the way they presented their subtitles. They were way too fast to be kept up with and thus distracted from the action on stage to the point it was almost impossible to appreciate the actors' performances. One show we saw here in Swedish, directed by Ingmar Bergman used headphones with instant translation into English and was outstanding. I think if this production used this method it would have worked quite well. The native Russians in the audience gave it a standing ovation. However, we (and many others) could not.

    1. The performance was brilliant and addressed very timely issues. For attendees not versed in the Russian language, the subtitles worked poorly, distracting heavily from the performance. I gave up on them and clang to the synopsis you provided in an attempt to follow the play


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