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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Your Guide to The Fisher this Next Wave Season

By Vilina Phan

So you’ve purchased tickets to Jack &, or maybe tickets to I hunger for you or Trisha Brown Dance Company? That’s it, right? It can be, or it can be much more—based on the experience you want. We have a cornucopia of free events and activities happening in the Fisher Lower Lobby this season, many in conjunction with the shows at the Fishman Space. It can be a little difficult to navigate with so much going on, so we’ve laid out a few suggestions, but this is a self-guided adventure, so take these recommendations as jumping off points and happy Next Wave!

I have tickets to Trisha Brown Dance Company on Oct. 12. Now what?

Splendid! We suggest making a post-show dinner reservation so you can come to the pre-show discussion, Then and Now: Ballet, Working Title, Pamplona Stones. It will be an expansive conversation that dives into the early works of Trisha Brown, the resonance it had when first performed, how they’ve shaped our understanding of Brown’s work, and define postmodern dance. With more context to the show, it’s time to find your seat and settle in for the evening.

After the performance, before heading out to dinner, stop by the Fisher Lower Lobby and take a look at Moving Body, Moving Study, an exhibition of time -and movement-based work that explores the body’s capacity for remembering. It rotates every month for three months, and this October you’ll see Patty Chang, Freya Powell, and Sable Elyse Smith.

Don’t have tickets on Oct. 12? There’s Fisher After Hours on Wednesday, Oct. 10. Moving Body, Moving Study will run through the festival.

I have tickets to Jack & on Oct. 17. Now what?

That’s great! Arrive a few minutes early and check out Amy Brener’s Flexi-Shield Empress (detail), part of Towards a New Archaeology, a thought-provoking exhibition which reevaluates the history of material culture. Brener’s piece, specifically, juxtapose utilitarian objects (forks, paperclips, etc.) alongside nature in the form of ferns and pressed flowers. Marvel at the determined precision of this piece before grabbing your seat and settling in for the show.

After the thought-provoking show, walk down to the Lower Lobby for the discussion with Kaneza Schaal and members of the company. The discussion melds into Fisher After Hours, where you can chat with other audience members as well as the company over complimentary drinks and snacks. Before you leave, make a point to check out Moving Body, Moving Study.

Don’t have tickets for the 17? There will be a post-show discussion with Kaneza Schaal and members of the company on Oct. 18, 19, and 20. Towards a New Archaeology will run through the festival.

I have tickets to I hunger for you on Oct. 31. Now what?

Awesome—come for the show, stay for the party! Arrive at the theater and grab your seat for a thought-provoking dance performance. After the show, mosey over to the Fisher Lobby and check out Brener’s contribution to Towards a New Archaeology before heading downstairs to join other audience members for complimentary beer or wine and snacks while discussing the show.

As you check out Moving Body, Moving Study, someone might strike up a conversation with you and tell you they plan on going to the event around the exhibition on Nov. 13—they really like one of the artists featured then, though all of them are great: Lauren Basket, Jesse Chun, and Kerry Downey and Joanna Seitz.

Not available on Oct. 31? Although Fisher After Hours is only on Wednesday, on Friday, Nov. 2 there’s a post-show conversation with Kimberly Bartosik and members of the company.

There’s a lot going on in the Fisher this Next Wave season, and maybe you don’t have tickets to Jack &, I hunger for you, or Trisha Brown Dance Company, but to another show, or maybe you haven’t purchased tickets yet, that’s all okay. Check out the Next Wave page to see what we have going on and get planning!

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