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Monday, April 27, 2015

Eat (Sandwiches), Drink & Be Literary: Joseph O'Neill

Eat, Drink & Be Literary, presented in partnership with the National Book Foundation, is back this week with the PEN/Faulkner Award-winning Joseph O'Neill. With a new season comes a new batch of food, beverage, and book-related questions for our featured authors. (Read responses from other EDBL writers here.)

What is your favorite sandwich?
Emmental and green olives. Neutral about the bread.

What is your favorite Brooklyn-based novel?
Pass. To answer that question would be to alienate 97% of American writers at work today.

When you write, do you write by hand or on the computer (…or typewriter)?
MacBook Air. 

A novel twist on the Emmenthal and green olive sandwich.
(Photo: Une Touche de Rose)
When you read, are you an e-book or a paper book person?
I'm papery in the extreme. 

What is your go-to beverage?
Black coffee from whichever deli is closest by.

What is your favorite Brooklyn restaurant?

What is the last live performance that really moved you?
Antony and Cleopatra, at the Public Theatre in 2014, with the wonderful Jonathan Cake as Mark Antony.

Joseph O'Neill will read from his most recent novel, The Dog, and talk with moderator Deborah Treisman at Eat, Drink & Be Literary on Wednesday, April 29.

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