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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A new look for “BAM This Week”

We heard you loud and clear. Your lives are busy and it’s not that you don’t want more film, theater, music, dance, and opera in your lives—it’s just hard to schedule it all.

Enter the updated BAM This Week. Our weekly newsletter has a new clean look with day-by-day selected highlights of what’s going on here over the next seven days. We hope you like the new format, and welcome your feedback in the comment section below.

Now, for the changes:

Wednesday is the new Thursday

We’ve sent out our weekly newsletter on Thursdays for over a decade now. But if you’re anything like us, you start thinking about and planning your weekend around mid-week, so we’ve pushed the send date to Wednesdays. BAM This Week now covers events taking place Thursday through the following Wednesday and will arrive in your inbox every hump day.

One day at a time

BAM is open 365 days a year, and there is always something to do here. We send you emails focusing on specific events and performances, but recognize that sometimes you just want to figure out something to do in the days ahead. So we’ve organized the newsletter by day of the week, with a suggestion for something to do every day, and a reminder if there is a member benefit not to miss.

Most of the time that main event will be a live performance, film, talk, or class, but we’ll also call out important on-sale dates in this space, so you can prepare in advance.

For a comprehensive listing of everything taking place at BAM in a given week, just click the "Calendar" button.


Who reads emails on their computers anymore? Okay, we do, but not all the time. Our other emails look fabulous on phones, and now BAM This Week does too! Our talented designers and developers have used responsive coding so that the newsletter is easy to read and quick to scroll through on every device.

A few other things:

Want to see a movie? Scroll to the bottom where all current new releases are listed.

BAM Member? Benefits related to any given event are clearly highlighted in pink throughout the email.


  1. Is this an April Fools joke? Wednesday is Wednesday.

  2. Speaking as both a longtime BAM member and someone who works in marketing communications (which include newsletters), I think these are wonderful changes. Thanks for the thoughtfulness that I know informed these design and outreach updates.


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