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Thursday, September 25, 2014

In Context: QUANTUM

QUANTUM runs at BAM from October 2—4. Context is everything, so get even closer to the show with this curated selection of original blog pieces, articles, interviews, and videos related to the production. Once you've seen it, help us keep the conversation going by telling us what you thought below.

Program Notes


Watch & Listen

Artist Julius Von Bismark at CERN (
“Nothing is fixed, nothing is real, says von Bismarck. “Everything is just culture.”

Gilles Jobin at CERN (YouTube)
“[Before the CERN residency,] I thought we were just a pile of stuff,” confesses Jobin.

Excerpt from the QUANTUM score (SoundCloud)
Carla Scaletti’s score was made by mapping particle collision data to music.

The Creators Project: Julius von Bismarck (
A profile of the wizard behind QUANTUM’s gyrating interior illumination.

Julius von Bismarck Conceived Connections 
Von Bismarck takes to the mountains to develop a project similar to his work in QUANTUM.


BAM Blog Questionnaire: Julius von Bismarck (BAM Blog)
An interview with the artist who created QUANTUM's the lumino-kinetic installation.

BAM and Thomas Edison Light Up the Stage (BAM Blog)
QUANTUM is part of a long history of innovative lighting design and dance at BAM.

Gilles Jobin’s CERN Blog
Read the QUANTUM choreographer’s engrossing diary kept throughout his CERN residency.

Meet CERN’s New Artist in Residence, Julius von Bismarck (Wired)
The QUANTUM artist is perhaps most famous for mounting a giant neon smiley atop the city of Berlin.

Now your turn...

So how did you enjoy the show? Likes? Dislikes? Surprises? Tell us what's on your mind in the comments below.

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  1. I experienced this dance performance as a meditation on the nature of matter. Relaxing and uplifting to watch, we left feeling calmed and happy. The staging was creative and effective, but I won't spoil the surprise here! Of course the dancers are outstanding--this is BAM.


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