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Thursday, September 4, 2014

In Context: Dawn Upshaw and Gilbert Kalish

Dawn Upshaw and Gilbert Kalish perform at the BAM Harvey Theater on September 10. Context is everything, so get even closer to the music and performers with this curated selection of articles, interviews, and videos related to the show. Once you've seen it, help us keep the conversation going by telling us what you thought below.

BAM Program Notes

Dawn Upshaw & Gilbert Kalish  (PDF)

Supplemental Material (PDF)


The Nonesuch/BAM Connection (BAM)
BAM and Nonesuch go way back. Bob Hurwitz and David Bither of Nonesuch elaborate.

Old Is New Again: George Crumb's Ancient Voices of Children (BAM blog)
A brief introduction to Crumb's milestone production.

Dawn Upshaw: The Voice of an Angel (Arte)
Upshaw sings Ives, gives a master class at Yale, and prepares a work by Messiaen with Peter Sellars.

On Henryk Gorecki’s Symphony No. 3 (BBC)
Upshaw performs in this excerpt from a BBC documentary on Gorecki’s somber work. Her recording with Nonesuch is the best-selling classical music record of all time.

Dawn Upshaw Interview (
The soprano discusses Pete Seeger, her Grammy-winning collaboration with Maria Schneider, and childhood soundtracks.

Gil Kalish and George Crumb: Striking Sounds (Lincoln Center)
The pianist, who premiered much of Crumb's music, talks with the composer at his home.

Fred Sherry Sneaks Into Alice Tully Hall (Lincoln Center)
The Nonesuch cellist trespasses with violist Paul Neubauer.

Now your turn...

So? How did you enjoy the show? Likes? Dislikes? Surprises? Tell us what's on your mind in the comments below.


  1. We loved it! Educational, fun and so exciting! What a treat!

  2. The evening with Kalish and Dawn was magnificent.
    And, as was noted at the event, it was simply splendid to be part of a completely focused and meditative audience.
    Bravo to BAM; and to Nonesuch.....
    So great to hear these exquisite sounds, harmonies, tones--from & with these great artists.
    Sincerely, F.B.

  3. Consummate musicians Dawn Upshaw and Kalish gave deeply satisfying performances of the music of Ives and Crumb at BAM -- their music comes from some deep internal recess of their hearts and spills outward into the air and into our selves.

  4. What a great evening! Sublime musical precision moves us closer to the ethereal and our reason for being. Sincere THANKS to all the players and to BAM for providing the venue.

  5. wonderful performance!

  6. It was wonderful from start to finish. I loved every minute of ti and greatly appreciated the talk back. An inspiring evening of magical music. Thank you!!.

  7. The concert was excellent, including the interesting selection of pieces and the high quality of the performances--as anticipated. I particularly appreciated the opportunity to hear intimate pieces presented in an intimate manner, something that is not possible in larger venues. [I only hope that audience members seated up "in the gods" could hear the softer passages as well as I did, sitting near the front.]
    I do have a complaint--one that applies to a number of concerts at BAM. Why dim the lights between pieces? The important time to establish mood through lighting is during the performances. During the interludes audience members are struggling to read their programs, which for most was only possible by light of mobile telephone. The darkness was particularly frustrating in a program with songs whose lyrics one would like to read in advance.
    Thanks for your consideration, BAM management.

  8. I forgot to add that the post-concert discussion with the performers and Mr. Hurwitz was unusually good. I found it informative, interesting, revealing about both the musicians and the music, and at some points quite moving. Thank you to all!


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