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Monday, September 16, 2013

The Blue Dragon—now, a graphic novel!

by Susan Yung

Illustration by Fred Jourdain, from The Blue Dragon book
Turning a graphic novel or comic book into theater or film is a reliable method of producing eye-popping entertainment. Spider-Man and Annie, currently on Broadway, are two examples, not to mention all the superhero blockbuster movies. But can you think of a graphic book that was inspired by a film or show? (Add in comments, if so!)

Illustration by Fred Jourdain, from The Blue Dragon book
Perhaps surprisingly, The Blue Dragon is one example. The theatrical production from Quebec's Ex Machina was created by Robert Lepage and Marie Michaud and comes to the BAM Harvey from September 18 to 21.

Illustration by Fred Jourdain, from The Blue Dragon book

The creative team asked artist Fred Jourdain to transform the compelling, bittersweet story of Canadian ex-pats living in China into a graphic novel. The result is a visually sumptuous book that expands on the striking scenes from the play while telling the story concisely. It's Jourdain's first graphic novel, and he researched extensively the urban environs of Shanghai (and, briefly, Hong Kong) to add spot-on detail.

Illustration by Fred Jourdain, from The Blue Dragon book
Jourdain's book will be available at Greenlight Bookstore's kiosk in the lobby the BAM Harvey, or by special order through Greenlight here. Check it out!


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