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Thursday, March 7, 2013

What We're Looking At: We're Busy Here!

Via The White Haired Girl, 1974. © Zhang Yaxin/Courtesy see+ Gallery, Beijing,
and Stephen Bulger Gallery, Toronto
We at the BAM Blog know what you’ve been wondering: “If I were to cruise through the offices at BAM and find employees surfing the web, what would they be looking at?”

First of all, what’s wrong with you? We’re busy over here writing press releases, programming film series, and perfecting our Excel skills. Second of all, nobody says “surfing the web” anymore. Get it together.

But let’s say, because you asked, that we do occasionally click on a recreational link. Here’s what we might be checking out …

Nellie in BAMcinĂ©matek is into One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age Photo Op, made up of a “a stash of old Geocities home pages.” Remember those? (Why do you care what Nellie's clicking on? Well, she worked pretty hard on the Richard Pryor film series.)

Adriana in Publicity recommends this article in The New Yorker and has a great idea for a book: a New Yorker true crime writing compilation. You can tell it’s a good idea because it seems like it already exists, doesn’t it? (You may have read some of Adriana's work if you've ever seen a BAM press release.)

Susan in Publications can’t stop looking at these. People hate on it a lot, but 1960s China looks like fun. (You've read something Susan wrote if you've ever picked up any BAM material whatsoever.)

Ben in Digital Media likes the way Beck re-imagines David Bowie's classic "Sound and Vision" with a groundbreaking 360-degree online performance. You can control the cameras and see this immersive concert film online. (You know who Ben is if you've ever seen a bearded guy lurking around a BAM performance with a video camera.)

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