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Friday, September 28, 2012

The BAM Fisher Files: Tamar-kali

Tamar-kali performs Saturday, September 29 at 7:30pm as part of Next Wave of Song, part of the 30th Next Wave Festival.

My Show:
My project, Pseudoacoustic, bridges the gap between my New York City rock-scene roots and my love of strings and torch songs. I think it’s probably my most palatable project where mainstream audiences are concerned as it pulls from a deeper well of influences. There’s a little something for everyone.

My art is inspired by:
People, places, things. Moments. My failures, joys, and aspirations.

Hardcore-soul/Afro-Punk is:
Hardcore Soul is a moniker I have used in the past to describe certain aspects of my musical expression. Afro-Punk is the title of a documentary I was featured in as an artist. It is also a play on words describing my personal style—a fusion of aesthetic influences.

Most powerful moment as a female Afro-Punk performer:
I am not an “AfroPunk’ performer. I am a composer, a vocalist, and a singer-songwriter. A powerful moment as an artist associated with this term, however, was traveling the country with [director] James Spooner to make Afro-Punk. It was amazing to witness commonalities that had yet to solidify within a community start to blossom into an international network of people.

Preferred relationship between music and politics:
No preference. I’m committed to staying honest and authentic in my expression without limiting or censoring the outcome.

Favorite quality of Kali, Hindu Goddess of war and power:
I’m interested in Kali’s story as it relates to Shiva and Parvati, particularly the interpersonal aspects of the mythology and how those energies (creation/destruction) balance and keep things in well working order.

Most powerful experience ever had on stage:
The Born in Flames tour in Paris, performing with fellow artists and good friends Jean Grae and Invincible as part of the Sons D’hiver Festival this February past. The seed of sincere admiration and respect of each others artistry blossomed into amazing opportunities to perform abroad. Manifesting change and opportunity through building community in music is extremely powerful.

Non-musical profession I’d most like to pursue:
Beer brewer, sheep herder and yarn producer and I will.

Place I’d most like to belly dance:
A Nubian village in Aswan, Egypt. Saiidi Cane Dance.

The next wave of Tamar-kali is:
A tsunami of sound that swells beyond past heights, crushes categorical isolation, and washes away doubts and expectations.

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