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Friday, September 21, 2012

Einstein on the Blog: The Boy of Einstein, Jasper Newell

Jasper's reaction to seeing his name in the paper!
If you saw Einstein on the Beach, chances are your eyes were drawn to the arresting and enigmatic figure of the boy. He stands—with enviable poise—on an elevated bridge in the Train Scene, stoically throwing paper airplanes down to the stage. He proclaims, as a diminutive judge in the trial scene: “This court of common pleeeeeeeas is nooooow in SESSION!” and then mugs for the audience. He gets to ride a skateboard. And in the spaceship scene, he travels up and down in an elevator, shrugging his shoulders and making shapes with his hands. Whatever he’s doing, you can’t help but marvel at his incredible presence onstage.

The boy is Jasper Newell, who you may also recognize from the recent film We Need to Talk About Kevin. We on the BAM staff were delighted to find out that Jasper also kept a blog of his Einstein adventures, and we quickly became addicted to reading it. We were so impressed that we asked him to answer a few questions for us. Ever the pro, he answered them during Thursday’s performance of Einstein (Field Dance 1, to be exact.).

Here are his responses:

Thank you Jasper! And for all of you Jasper fans out there, here’s a link to his blog, the Boy of Einstein.  He loves getting comments, so let him know what you think!


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