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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

FTT Recap: Your Ideal Movie Foods

A few weeks ago for Free Ticket+ Thursdays, we asked you to tell us your ideal movie snack. Some of your answers had us salivating. Others had us appreciating your—how shall we say?—sheer will to culinary innovation, no matter what the cost. But all made us proud to know that your movie food habits are just as adventurous as your BAM show-going ones, butterless popcorn be damned.

From the get-go, through, the house was divided. There were the eccentrics like… 
Nadia, Stephen, Michael, and Aaron, who wanted 
“Pumpernickel pretzels,” “edamame,” “caviar,” and “slices of mango.” 

And why eat hotdogs, thought Jonathan, when you can smuggle in your own
“roast pork buns” 

Across the aisle were the traditionalists. But, this being BAM, even the popcorn contingency demanded several twists. 

For John, it was
“Popcorn made with bacon fat, Sriracha, and smoked salt” 

For Derek, it was
“popcorn with butter, a hint of garlic salt, maybe some cinnamon, and definitely jalapeno peppers” 

Nicole cut the fat and went with popcorn in olive oil, plus
salt, and crushed kale chips with a glass of red wine” 

All fine and good. But while the gourmands sea salted their way to Bon Appétit grandiloquence, there were others who remembered that, in a dark theater, you can eat like no one is watching. 

For Kiki, Sarah, and Jenny, that meant 
popcorn with either M&Ms, Sno-Caps, or Milk Duds mixed in

A confessional Kelsey provided clues as to why
“I'm not a chocolate fan, nor do I like chocolate and mints, but there's something about warm, buttery popcorn and junior mints that sends me back to being a child and going to the movies with my dad. We'd put the junior mints in right away, salt it up, and just let them melt. Then you pull out these clusters of melted, minty, salty, chocolate popcorn.” 

Happy to eat whatever, but not wanting to be shushed,

Roman imagined...
“a set of soundless nachos. That way I can enjoy a lovely little nachos-and-cheese treat without alerting the entire cinema to my doings.” 

Gretchen concurred, but with
“blueberries. They're healthy and quiet” 

But sound, sight, and taste, aside...

movie food for Mary should be an autonomous being...
“Popcorn in a tub that reheats, re-butters, re-salts, and refills as needed.

For Doug, an eye-candy abstraction...
“Rather than food, I prefer to feast on the lusciously saturated colors of a 1950s melodrama.” 

And for Jennifer, a token of the slow food movement...
“Soft pretzels, preferably Amish.

But Barbara’s answer was best of all, somehow suiting BAM to a T:
“Lobster Starburst: refined, yet chewy and sweet”       

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