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Monday, December 12, 2011

December Staff Pick: Pina in 3D

Photo: Pina in 3D, courtesy of IFC Films

This month's pick: Pina in 3-D (Opens Dec 23 at BAM Rose Cinemas)
Picked by: Evan Namerow, Marketing intern

1. Why Pina in 3-D? The first time I saw Pina Bausch’s work (Nefes, BAM 2004), I realized that I was not only watching tanztheater but also living it. Pina’s work can be scary that way; it’s very human and real, brimming with an array of emotions that you experience right alongside the performers. Wim Wenders’ film has that effect, too. It beautifully embodies the aesthetic of Pina’s work and the honesty of the dancers.

2. What makes it unique?:
Not many choreographers are honored with a visually stunning film that pays tribute to their life’s work—and in 3D no less. There are excerpts from several of Bausch’s works along with memories shared by the dancers and rare footage of Bausch in the studio. It’s a loving tribute to Pina that truly captures her pioneering contribution to the arts.

3. You might like this if you liked…
Any of Pina Bausch’s works at BAM, including Café Müller, Vollmond, and Für die Kinder von gestern, heute und morgen. And remember the dance sequences in Pedro Almodóvar’s 2002 film, Talk To Her? Yep, that’s Pina’s tanztheater.

4. Guilty-pleasure reason for seeing the show/film:
The film was shot in Germany and wow, is it beautiful. Whether in an enormous valley, a lush green forest, or on the floating Schwebebahn (air tram) in Wuppertal, Pina’s work looks ravishing against the backdrop of her homeland. Also, the 3D effects are superb.

5. Final words:
Pina was a powerful force in the dance world until her untimely death in 2009. Wim Wenders’ gift to Pina’s memory is a gift to audiences as well. If you never saw her work performed live, Pina in 3D is the next best thing. And if you miss watching Pina’s work on stage, then you probably don’t need to be convinced that this is a must-see.

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