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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merce Cunningham Dance Company's Legacy Tour Vlog

Merce Cunningham Dance Company made its final appearances at BAM in December in The Legacy Tour. The depth and variety of the three programs showed why he is revered as one of the all-time greats, and the impending finality made the incomparable company's performances all the more precious.

Here, we share some highlights from the run. May they tide you over for the week if you're lucky enough to have tickets to one of the very final Events at the Park Avenue Armory Dec 29—31, and if not, take a few moments to revel in these sublime performances and rerun them ad infinitum.


  1. Thank you for posting these! Seeing Silas Riener do the solo from Split Sides made my day!

  2. Thanks for this! This was hair-rising live and just as much so here (though I think I saw a different night)

  3. Thank you for this amazing powerful tour de force of balance, incredible sequence of impossible positions and power grace that Merce coreographed particularly for Silas Riener. I saw him at BAM performing this with my jaw dropping and am so trilled to be able to watch Silas again but online!! Dui


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