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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Weekly FTT Recap: Favorite Things About Brooklyn

"Oh to realize space! The plenteousness of all, that there are no bounds..." —One-time Brooklynite Walt Whitman. Photo by Ken Stein 

Last week in Free Ticket+ Thursdays, we asked you to list some of your favorite things about Brooklyn.
Here are some choice answers:

Keith, seeing the need for green, said…
“the great tree to person ratio”

But Kyle—and with him, Alia, Dilhan, Hilary, Erin, and Elena—saw the need for blue…
“feeling calm under the bigger, darker, quieter, and cooler sky”

Dave said to hell with color and saw only the need for Babs:
“Barbra Streisand [was] born here”

Chiming in from Bedford Ave, we had Agis…
“the hipster girls :)”

Chiming in from someplace where lots of drugs are being done, we had Sarah:
“the BQE, which is like a roller coaster you can off-road on”

Meredith said it was silence…
“It's quiet and the kids only scream at recess”

Tim, too, albeit a louder kind of quiet:
“the disturbing silence of industrial Bushwick late at night”

Patrick, just back from Nicky's, said:
“brownstones and autumn trees and banh mi and sitting outside the main branch of the library smoking [while] admiring Grand Army Plaza as tourist buses pass”

Quincy, reeking of sulfur and Jacques Torres chocolate, reveled in the sense of possibility…
“Brookyln is like a chemistry lab with the entire periodic table. You can make anything here.”

Whereas Beth was satisfied with what was already here:
“BAM, bike lanes, beer gardens!”

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