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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Weekly FTT Recap: BAM to the Future

Marty and Doc gaze into the BAM future.
Last week for Free Ticket+ Thursdays on Facebook, we asked you where you thought BAM would be in the next 150 years. Here are some choice answers:

Clarrisa, a weary traveler, envisioned borough expansion:
“a branch in queens”

But Dave and Kyle had more ambitious growth in mind…

Hilary (this week's winner!) coined a name:

Amanda was cool with the moon, but envisioned ways for the audience to enjoy from Earth:
“Holographic Bridge Project. Shakespeare from space!!!”

When BAM wasn’t beaming images of Ethan Hawke and Kevin Spacey to Earth, Joseph reminded all that it would have plenty else to do:
“BAM will be super advanced and fly like rocket ships and shoot lasers and dominate the galaxy”

But the question of the earth vs. the moon didn’t matter much to Ross, since he knew that physical location would soon be irrelevant:
“BAM will be much less a place, more of a state of mind. Much in the way we store our data in the Internet's ‘cloud,’ BAM will be synonymous with culture and how we absorb it from the air and surroundings throughout our daily existence.”

Jacob had similar dreams of an incorporeal BAM, except with post-show dining options intact:
“The BAM building will still have its historic look, but movies will be projected directly to the audience's eyeballs. Then, after the eyeball film, the audience can take their hover boards over to 67 Burger.”

What wouldn’t remain the same, Sean suggested, was everything else: 
“I envision BAM as the last bastion of civilization in a post-apocalyptic world.

Matthew concurred bittersweetly:
“I'd like to see BAM as a shining bastion of arts in a decrepit Blade Runner-esque future of New York. As the world gets drearier and drearier, BAM still stands by offering glistening productions, social commentary by way of art, and incredible events to keep hearts and minds at peace even if things are crumbling both physically and culturally.”

Nothing would be crumbling for Kevin, who chose to entertain the utopian strain: “HD films streaming from neon networks suspended in the air into lush new opulent cinemas with glistening android waiters serving the finest foods and brews.”

Selma, also on board with utopia, put things in more World Historical terms:
“New York will be a city-state, [thoroughly] multi-cultural, […] and BAM will be the equivalent of the UN. [We will be] past the financial period of our history and the end of capitalism[, and] new models will arise in which arts and knowledge will be our major concern. BAM will be the future's Library of Alexandria.”

But all Margaret wanted was faith in sopranos to always hit their high notes:
“an all robot opera in 2161!”

Free Ticket+ Thursdays happens every week on Facebook.

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