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Friday, June 1, 2018

In Context: Love and Intrigue

Russia’s Maly Drama Theatre, led by the incomparable Lev Dodin, stages German playwright Friedrich Schiller’s 1787 tragedy of class warfare and courtly intrigue. Context is everything, so get even closer to the production with this curated selection of related articles and videos. After you've attended the show, let us know what you thought by posting in the comments below and on social media using #LoveandIntrigue.

Program Notes

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A Deluxe Treatment of Love and Intrigue at BAM (BAM blog)
It seems that every character in Love and Intrigue has a secret agenda and is willing to go to great lengths to achieve it.

Featured Collection
The Maly Drama Theatre of St. Petersburg (BAM blog)
Learn more about the 20+ year relationship between BAM and the Maly Drama Theatre—which has garnered worldwide acclaim for its inventive productions done primarily in a naturalistic style.

‘It was important that Anna wasn’t portrayed as a victim’ (The Guardian)
Russian actor Elizaveta Boyarskaya shares her journey of playing Anna Karenina.

Watch & Listen

Intrigue and Love to go (Schiller in 10.5 minutes, English version) (YouTube)
Luise stems from a middle class family, Ferdinand is an aristocrat. Michael Sommer and his Playmobil ensemble stage their romance in just over 10 minutes.

Film about Dodin and MDT. English version. Part 1. (YouTube)
An open lesson with the graduating class of Lev Dodin Petersburg Theatre Academy.

Now your turn...

How did you enjoy the show? Likes? Dislikes? Surprises? Tell us what's on your mind in the comments below and on social media using #LoveandIntrigue.

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  1. Loved it! Tremendous acting. Surprising treatment and staging.

  2. Astonishing acting with not a false note throughout. And incredibly smart directing. Every moment mattered.